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Small Group Training

Join one of our small group training's  This is common amongst friends and fellow athletes to work in a competitive atmosphere while still maintaining a quality and affordable service.    

ONe-on-One Private Session

This is an EFP specialty.  An EFP program will help any athlete make quick strides in performance on the field.  Each sixty-minute personalized session will focus on all aspects of the dynamic athlete. 

athletic injury rehab

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Become A Premier Athlete

Sign up for a service and receive a FREE sports nutrition guide. This guide will give you a physiologically proven overview of what to consume before, during, and after each match to maximize athletic performance


First Class Fitness

EFP has a mission to be one of the leading athletic fitness programs. We design first-class programs targeting the sport-specific fitness demands required for success. Our physiologically-innovative approach is focused on improving athletes' cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular strength & endurance, range of motion, and neuromotor skills. All athletes will see an improvement after completion of an EFP program.



Quality & Affordability

Tired of the unlimited spending that leaves you with nothing more than lackluster results?  Here at EFP, we strive to provide an efficient and results-driven service at an affordable rate. We offer a variety of options for any budget. Whether you're interested in one-on-one training services or participating in one of our 4 person small group sessions, we provide a focused and personalized program that won't break the bank.




I would highly recommend EFP as a bridge to maximum performance. David has a great deal of experience in athletics, from being one of the most talented soccer players to come out of Grand Rapids in his era, to his skills learned through Western Michigan University in Health Science and beyond. His experience on and off the field will guide any athlete towards a higher level of success.

- Chad Wiseman, Head Coach

Western Michigan University Men's Soccer


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