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What can i expect from a sports performance program/session?

Sports performance training consist of quality 1 on 1 development with proper instruction on various drills/exercises.  Our program covers all 6 aspects of athleticism including: speed, agility, power, coordination, reaction time, and balance.  We also combine dribbling, passing, and shooting along with the athletic components to turn you into the “complete athlete”. This is also a chance to work on specific goals since one size does not fit all.  The traditional EFP program is the 1 on 1 package deal. Assessments are taken on day 1, and training's throughout the program are tailored towards making improvements in every area necessary. On the last day the assessments are taken again to show the gains made, and gives us a baseline on what to keep improving going forward. Please see our “testimonials” tab on the homepage to see feedback from some of our previous clients.    


what can i expect from an efp bootcamp program/session?

Bootcamp is designed for people of all ages and fitness levels to enhance their health & fitness.  Bootcamp for athletes will focus on discipline/consistency, enhancing fitness levels, demanding excellence, increasing physical activity and decreasing sedentary lifestyle, and many more aspects.  Bootcamp for non-athletes and older adults will focus on enhancing fitness levels, improving body composition, improving health, decreasing cardiovascular disease risk factors, and more.


how can i be best prepared to make significant strides in my fitness/performance?

In order to be best prepared for success throughout an EFP session/program, individuals should show up ready to make progress, including being properly hydrated and maintaining normal blood sugar levels.  I have found that individuals who make the greatest gains are the ones that want success for themselves as much as I want them to be successful.

You will also see the most gains by training on a consistent schedule.  It is recommended to train at least 1-2 times per week to see progress, and 3 or more times will show even more gains.