Why EFP is the best choice for sports performance services. 



At EFP, our mission is to not only enhance athletic performance, but to help our youth athletes grow as young men and women on and off the field.  We help athletes understand that it is just as important to be successful in their athletics as it is in the classroom.  In order to help prepare athletes for on and off the field success, we stress the importance of hard work, discipline, and consistency.  A combination of hard work and discipline will help our youth in the real world going forward, and our sessions/programs are designed around these valuable traits.


At EFP, we aren't just trainers.  We are coaches, teachers, mentors, role models, and motivators.  We provide a unique experience that is hard to find elsewhere.  Here, we understand that one size does not fit all.  Many athletes require different characteristics in order to become the "complete athlete".  With that being said, we help improve all aspects of athleticism that includes speed, agility, power, coordination, reaction time, and balance.  


"Throughout my years in West Michigan, I have observed and analyzed how our youth is prepared for their future. I have been in the back seat observing and analyzing, and I felt it was time for me to hop in the drivers seat and provide quality development experiences that can help our athletes grow as young men and women.  The quality development (growth on and off the field) and affordable services that our youth deserve to help prepare them for the life ahead of them has declined.  I decided to build EFP with a blue collar attitude. I want to make a difference in our youth and set them up for success no matter which path they may take in life going forward."