“I would highly recommend EFP as a bridge to maximum performance. David has a great deal of experience in athletics, from being one of the most talented soccer players to come out of Grand Rapids in his era, to his skills learned through Western Michigan University in Health Science and beyond. His experience on and off the field will guide any athlete towards a higher level of success.”
— Chad wiseman | Head coach wmu mens soccer

Our son Eli has been training with David for 2 months and already we’ve seen a noticeable difference in his endurance, stamina and overall performance on the field. Each week, Eli eagerly looks forward to his training sessions and knows that David will push him to levels he never thought he could reach. David is a passionate trainer who takes a personal interest in developing each client. Sessions are designed to target individual needs so they can best achieve maximum results. If your student athlete has a hunger to take his or her game to the next level, I highly recommend that you look into training with David at EFP.
— Holli Leegwater, Grand rapids mi

Our son, Paul, began working with David two months ago. Not only did Paul need to work on his athletic performance, but on his mental and emotional attitude as well. His most remarkable improvement has been in his mental focus, determination and overall attitude. In addition to becoming a premier soccer player, Paul also plays billiards. This summer he went on to win the American Poolplayers Association (APA) Junior National Pool Championship for his level. A year ago, this would have been impossible to achieve as he simply did not have the mental focus, nor winning attitude. His coaches for APA were incredibly amazed at his transformation and told us that whatever we are doing with this kid, we need to keep on doing it. I firmly believe his work with David has been an integral part of that.
— Karen Marshall, Northview mi
David is an excellent trainer. He is the perfect combination of tough and encouragement. Our son, Owen started training with David to help increase his speed, agility, and endurance on the soccer field. Within a few sessions, we could already see his hard work paying off. He looks forward to his workouts with David (which says a lot coming from a teenager) and knows he is going to be educated and challenged each and every time. David has diverse training methods and he keeps the workouts fun, while helping young athletes achieve great results.
— holly smith, rockford mi
Our son Danton has been training with David and what a huge difference in his speed, endurance, and agility he has noticed. Between that and his workout regimen he put on 12 pounds of muscle in 6 months! This is the hardest training he has done mentally and physically but he loves every second of it and looks forward to every session. David shows true passion while working with his students, takes a genuine interest in their development, and knows how to push them to their limits while making sure they enjoy it as well. Thank you for your commitment!!!
— Danton Goulet, Lowell mi
“David and his unique approach to player development is unparalleled in our area. His detailed and measured approach is meticulous and results oriented. Michael has felt that the program has greatly improved his strength and speed as an athlete as well as his footwork and techniques as a soccer player. As a parent, I also appreciate his mentorship and connection he has with his athletes. He promotes not only athletic development but also high character and sportsmanship.”
— John Klooster, belmont mi (Belmont dentistry)