Why EFP is the best choice for bootcamp services. 


At EFP, bootcamp is designed to provide numerous benefits that will improve our quality of life.  We want to develop all individuals as a whole. This means enhancing our health and physical fitness components.  We want our clients to understand that how we look on the outside is just as important as how we function on the inside.  Together, we can achieve these goals, live healthy and prosperous lives, and have fun while doing it.


At EFP, we aren’t just trainers.  We are coaches, teachers, mentors, role models, and motivators.  Our bootcamp sessions will provide you with the health/physical benefits of exercise such as: increased cardiorespiratory function, increased muscular strength and endurance, increased range of motion of necessary joints, and improved body composition.  Bootcamp will also help reduce cardiovascular disease risk factors such as physical inactivity, excessive weight gain, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels, and diabetes. EFP will help you accomplish these goals through hard work, discipline, and consistency, where our philosophy is to train like an athlete for quick results.    


"I decided to provide a bootcamp service for a few main reasons.  Firstly, physical inactivity has become an epidemic, and it is a huge reason why cardiovascular disease is the #1 cause of death in the United States.  Secondly, I want all individuals to feel good about their body composition. Whether you want to lose fat mass or put on muscle mass, bootcamp will help you reach those goals.  And thirdly, I have found that discipline is an underlying factor of the first 2 issues. Together, we can become the healthiest we have ever been, and the fittest we want to be.”